Modern Kebaya

You can’t go wrong with monochrome. And last year’s Hari Raya celebration, my family went pink. Simplicity is key when I want to show off the material used for my womenswear or the print for the menswear, as shown above.

It’s a relatively simple sillhoette by taking a modern twist to the traditional Baba kebaya. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with the Baba kebaya. It’s just a fresher perspective to it.

Initially, the traditional kebaya would have it’s flaps of the blouse fastened with a brooch and the material would be made up of a semi-transparent cloth.


The modern kebaya has a more formal and polished look. And the use of a same coloured lace for this garment complements itself because it’s not of a contrasting colour; it’s not over-powering or fighting with the whole ensemble.

baju kurung

So when you’re thinking of showing off a certain part of your outfit, go simple/monochromatic first and the star piece will show, naturally.






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